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StatBridge was born to bridge the gap between traditional point-of-care data gathering and technologically advanced data collection techniques. Since the beginning, StatBridge has dedicated itself to finding innovative and effective technical solutions for health and wellness screening providers.


StatBridge delivered its first screening product to a hospital in early 2012, and rolled out an enterprise version to a national screener later the same year, tackling a number of issues facing the industry at that time:

  1. StatBridge provided an alternative to paper-based data collection, which was labor intensive and costly.
  2. It delivered screening event reports for health and wellness screening providers in a timely fashion. The best case for report generation was 2 weeks, and this was reduced to less than an hour.
  3. StatBridge brought greater accuracy in data collection. Errors could result when transcribing data collected on paper, often requiring the re-screening of participants.
  4. A more efficient screening process was also developed, along with a much improved experience for the participant.
  5. StatBridge introduced wireless connectivity to the system, while not requiring Internet access. 


Early in 2015 StatBridge introduced Oxygen, which makes the most popular features of their enterprise system available in a more flexible and cost-effective package. Oxygen is the only platform today that connects to every CLIA-Waived point-of-care lipid meter, providing screening customers with complete flexibility and independence. LEARN MORE ABOUT OXYGEN.


Later that year StatBridge released StatKeeper, their comprehensive private-label health portal.  StatKeeper provides a secure and highly customizable web-based suite of tools, including an HRA, population analytics, 3rd party integrations, and intuitive administration. LEARN MORE ABOUT STATKEEPER.

The two products together deliver a seamless suite of wellness tools with truly significant benefits, both financially and to the health of your employees. Contact us today for a webinar or personal demonstration, and experience how Oxygen and StatKeeper can transform the health of your business.


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