StatBridge LLC Partners with National Kidney Foundation of Arizona

Minneapolis, MN – December 2nd, 2016 - StatBridge, LLC, the U.S.-based developer of the Oxygen data collection system, is proud to announce its newest partnership with the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona (NKF AZ) conducts periodic health and wellness screenings focused at overall and renal health throughout the country, and was searching for an electronic record capture tool, that would allow for complete electronic data capture and retrieval of the screening tests, but also to allow for the sharing of health data with screened participants at the screening site. The Oxygen system developed by StatBridge, LLC was adapted for the specific requirements of NKF AZ and permits the on-site collection of all screening records, the sharing of data with the individual screening participants by medical professionals, and for the creation of an aggregate report that can be used for post event analysis.

"Screening for chronic disease in at-risk populations is enhanced by point-of-care testing because participants can receive immediate lab results and onsite advice from our volunteer physicians,” says NKF AZ Director of Patient Services, James Ivie.  “The electronic data collection system developed by StatBridge eliminates the need for transcription of data from paper to electronic formats, reduces errors, and accelerates aggregate outcome analysis.”

“We are honored to be selected by the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona to provide them with StatBridge’s Oxygen system, the state of the art, point of care wellness data capture technology.  We are looking forward to a long association furthering the Foundation’s work in renal health in the country.” Stated Dr. Peter Brew, CTO of StatBridge, LLC.

“Oxygen” is a Hardware and Software platform that utilizes tablet computers (iPads or other tablets) and a mini-server (the size of two iPhones) connected via a wireless interface.  A wirelessly connected printer is also available.