Health Screening Providers Help Keep Employees Fit for Work

Relationships matter.  Today’s increasing reliance on technology and connectivity bring relationships to a whole new level. People are simply more connected than they used to be - with each other and with the world. In the healthcare industry, where sensitive and difficult diagnoses bring emotions to the forefront, the relationship a consumer has with a healthcare organization matters more than ever.

Health screening providers represent a new technological connection between the consumer and healthcare organizations. Consider this: Imagine how an employer can use health screening technologies like those available from StatBridge to better identify risk factors and optimize well-being. Employees are more than just an important asset to a company. They are people, and nothing can make people work harder for a company than healthy relationships.

Typical health screening assessments usually consist of biometrics such as blood pressure readings, cholesterol tests, and lifestyle analyses aimed to give the individual an overview of their current health status and help with the early detection of disease and other risk factors. Imagine the benefit to the employee and the employer when this data can be captured, stored and reviewed by the participant.

Let StatKeeper Work For You

With the aid of technology like StatKeeper, which displays Health Risk Assessment results, employers can use personalized health information and educational content to craft a customized Plan for Wellness that encourages intelligent health and lifestyle choices for each of their employees. And with this technology, these processes can be streamlined and implemented without the risk of paper errors.

Consider the benefits:

  • Decreased work absence due to sickness
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved morale and loyalty among employees, particularly since health screenings demonstrate that employers care about their staff and are dedicated to helping them stay healthy

Contact us today, and we will get you on your way to implementing our technologies and creating an atmosphere of health and wellness in your company. Head here to read more about our Oxygen system, and here to learn all about StatKeeper.