Easing the Load for Healthcare Providers with Wireless Data Systems

Biometric screeners around the world are currently faced with an impossible task: they’re being asked to care for increasingly more patients while keeping their quality of care exceptional, costs low, and patient information secure, all efficiently and measurably. This is happening amidst budget restrictions and workplace limitations preventing the hiring of more employees and adding of beds for the growing number of patients.  Something has clearly got to give for this overworked but incredibly vital workforce. Enter the newest options for wireless data transfer available to healthcare providers.

Wireless Data Systems for Healthcare Providers

While wireless technology in medicine isn’t new, the manner in which hospitals and healthcare facilities can now integrate is changing the face of connectivity in these workplaces. By using wireless data systems, caregivers are able to quickly enter data, recover data, receive alerts from  monitors, and so much more. With this sort of advanced connectivity, staff can redirect their focus from paperwork to providing quality care to their patients.

Less Can also be More

A wireless data system for healthcare providers allows hospitals to save money by utilizing fewer staff to accomplish more. This is a way to secure both quality and quantity in hospitals and care facilities by making use of the technology available with these systems.

Wireless Solutions from StatBridge

With the Oxygen platform and StatKeeper portal from StatBridge, these dreams of increased efficiency at lowered overall costs are becoming a reality for healthcare providers. Oxygen is flexible and cost effective, and connects to every CLIA-Waived point-of-care lipid meter. StatKeeper provides secure and customizable web-based tools for all of your health tracking needs. With systems like these from StatBridge, any healthcare facility can take giant leaps forward in their efficiency and improve the well-being of both their patients and employees.

For more information on wireless data options for healthcare providers and how they might benefit your facility, contact StatBridge today.