Electronic Data Capture in a Nutshell

Today, the integration of Electronic Data Capture (or EDC) software with other software systems is increasingly feasible and beneficial. The ability to quickly and reliably import data from other sources (such as lab reports, imaging sources, and electronic health records) is also becoming commonplace. At StatBridge, we are immersed in the world of electronic data capture, and can help you find ways to integrate new and powerful data collection techniques into your workflow.

So What Exactly is Electronic Data Capture?

In the health care world, electronic data capture simply means using systems to collect data in electronic form as opposed to paper form. In use, this often involves software running on a web server (for example, provided by StatBridge) that interfaces with external hardware (such as CardioChek Plus meters) to collect your data.

Here Are a Few Important Ways EDC Software Can Benefit You:

  • Cleaner Data – EDC software is particularly good at enforcing certain aspects of data quality. Errors can often result when transcribing data collected on paper, but checks available in EDC software can make sure data meets the required formats, ranges, etc.
  • More Efficient Processes – EDC software can help guide the users through a series of events, personalizing the experience and collecting only the data needed at a particular time. This process of clarifying data discrepancies with tools that identify and resolve data issues can help reduce the number of delays during a trial.
  • Faster Access to Data – Web-based EDC software can deliver convenient and useful real-time productivity reports that help give clients a better understanding of their events. Less waiting can make for better outcomes and customer retention as well. So with an EDC software like Oxygen or StatKeeper, you will save time and resources through simpler training, less downtime, and fewer support calls.
  • Customizable – With screening needs often being as unique as your participants, it's nice to know that StatBridge's EDC solutions are highly customizable. Choose the questions and data collection you want, write your own questions or use pre-programmed ones. Just know that StatBridge's EDC software is about you and your specific needs.

The above points show how EDC software can solve issues of efficiency and productivity. To request a demonstration of our electronic data capture software, or for general inquiries, we can be reached at 763-543-1890 during regular business hours or through our contact form.